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Broker Support The broker is available and will guide you through your entire escrow and loan transaction if needed! We also have support staff to include internet technology specialists, loan processors, transaction coordinators, and experienced management that will help you. The broker will answer all your questions. We have streamlined the escrow process so you can focus on working with your client and gaining future referrals.

Mentorship The broker will help any agent or loan officer with their transaction. New agents and loan officers will be walked through their transactions to ensure that they learn how to do real estate and loans the right way. The broker will also train you on the escrow process, negotiations with your clients, and how to obtain new business.

Why Join Pacific Home Brokers?

Operating since 2007, we are the first True 100% Commission brokerage. We create a win-win arrangement for you and our Brokerage.  Rather than charge you a flat fee per transaction like most 100% commission companies, we  ask that you try and negotiate the use of our beneficial client and agent services resulting in True 100% commission to you minus our E and O premium fee. * We have a full time staff here to help you that take phone calls from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday and answer emails after hours until 9pm 7 days a week! Join the growing force of successful agents today!

Do your Real Estate Agents have transaction fees?

Our agents are only responsible for their $125 Errors and Omissions premium fee and/or risk management fee that may apply to their specific transaction.* Call for details.

Are there desk fees, monthly fees, franchise fees, or floor time?

Pacific Home Brokers has zero hidden fees. Our agents and loan officers can hang their license with us and do business at their pace with no mandatory meetings, quotas or floor time.

Are there any costs to join?

There are zero start-up fees. It is free to join Pacific Home Brokers™ and there are no costs to remain with us. You will need to plan on acquiring marketing items such as business cards, For Sale signs, and Open House Signs. We have order forms online for these items or our agents can use any design and vendor of their choice.

How does your company make money?

Our business model focuses on providing the services our agents need to help them and their clients have a smooth, professionally managed transaction. We provide optional services such as loan financing  to help support our agents to keep our company profitable.

Is there an Errors and Omissions Insurance fee?

We maintain a company Errors and Insurance Policy and you only have to pay towards our premium when you close a transaction or loan. The fee is $125.00 per closing. If you close multiple real estate transactions a year you can opt to pay for an annual payment of $349.00.  We also have a Risk Management Policy that may apply to your transaction if you are selling high priced properties.  To cover the increased liability for unique and high sales priced properties and loans the Broker will charge Contractor in addition to the $125 fee towards the errors and omissions insurance premium the following fees if they apply: on property sales greater than $1,200,000, an additional $50.00 fee per $100,000 in purchase price. On property sales with commissions above $40,000 or sales prices over 3 million, the errors and omissions insurance premium fee will be 10% of the commission agreement amount with Broker and the party paying the commission before any agent credits to client. The Broker will charge a 3% fee for any commissions over $25,000 on closed loans. The Broker will charge 10% on the portion of referral transaction commission that is greater than $10,000.

How do I get paid on transactions?

We pay our agents and loan officers directly out of escrow! You keep all your commission! We have a simple transaction checklist of the forms we will need for our file and will instruct escrow to pay you directly once we have a full file.

What kind of office support do you provide?

We have a full staff here 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday and we are here to help you succeed. We do realize the real estate business is 24/7 and not just 9 to 5, so we take emails after hours and on weekends from 8AM to 9PM Monday through Friday to support our agents and loan officers. Our broker is also available for mentorship, takes all calls and can guide you on your transactions.

Do you have an office for your agents?

We have arranged for the use of offices throughout California so our agents and loan officers can have a place to meet their clients at no charge to you! Although, many agents and loan officers meet their client’s at the home they want to purchase or sell, use a mobile notary and take advantage of internet and cell phone technology to keep in touch with their clients.

Is training provided?

We have online training videos located on our online office. We train our agents and loan officers to be successful at procuring clients, marketing, internet technologies, social media marketing and loan financing among other topics. Our broker is also available for mentorship and will help you through your transactions.

Are leads provided?

We teach our agents and loan officers how to procure their own clients via our proven marketing strategies and set up our agents and loan officers to be successful. We will also instruct our agents and loan officers on techniques that will gather new clients. All our training resources are located online via our company website and our staff will help you build your custom tailored marketing campaigns that we will market and integrate into our systems.

Do I need to join an Association of Realtors?

You are not obligated to be a member of an association to join our brokerage. However, we are members of multiple associations throughout California for our agents who are members. Inquire with us to see if we are a member of your association. We are always looking to join new boards.

Do you provide Transaction Coordinator service?

We allow our agents to coordinate their own files. We provide a checklist for purchases and listings that is easy to follow and our agents work directly via email with our Administration. Our agents are free to use their own coordinators as well to liaison with our company Administration. We also offer transaction coordination services for our agents who would like someone to work directly with their clients and coordinate with all parties in the escrow for a fee of $395.00.

What are your fees on referral transactions?

All licensed agents can do referrals in all 50 states and internationally. We only charge 7% with a minimum fee of $399.00 from the commissions you negotiated with the other agent.

Is there an agent referral program?

Yes, we have a passive income referral program. If another agent is referred to our brokerage by you, you earn $100 dollars every time your referral closes a real estate transaction.

Can I have a branch office or team name?

Yes, we allow agents, brokers, and loan officers to become a branch of Pacific Home Brokers™ or build your own team under your team name. 

Do you do property management or leases?

We do not allow property management. However, we do offer our agents the ability to close lease transactions. We charge 7% with a minimum fee of $399.00 on all lease transactions.

Can I design my own marketing materials and business cards?

Yes, you can use our logo and design your own business cards, flyers and signs. We also have an order form on our online office for our company branded signs and business cards.

Can you preapprove my clients for loans?

Yes, we are licensed to provide residential and commercial financing. We can preapprove our agent’s clients so that our agents have the peace of mind that their clients can get financing and know what price range their client’s can afford.

I have my MLO license, can I do loans with you?

Yes, you can do real estate as well as use your Mortgage Loan Originator license with us and be able to procure financing for your clients. We accept loan officers with DRE MLO endorsements only.

What are your fees for loans?

Our loan officers enjoy being able to keep all their compensation on loans minus a company fee of $399.00 of the total loan compensation received after originating a closed loan.

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